About Shegby

Shegby is a Web3 Concierge Service and a DAO of Locals worldwide who earn addressing Travelers' issues.
What advantages does Shegby offer?
Shegby as a P2P-marketplace of services offer many travelers solving their common and exclusive problems before, during and after trips. We save time and money of our Travelers!
What are these problems?
Such problems as lack of information of the destination; transportations for big family, unusual destinations or extra luggage; guidance for desired Points Of Interests (POIs); interpreter services; booking hotels, tickets, etc.; nurse or nanny services; juridical or other possible questions answering; all that we call as Concierge services in basic meaning and advanced. Many locals as KYC'ed members of our DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) are offered to rent their belongings: bicycles and scooters, diving and hiking equipment. They are ready to teach you with many skills you may need to make your trip or relocation as easy as possible.
Who are these Travelers?
They are our lovely customers for whom we exist and whose happiness during the trip is our main goal. These travelers are not only tourists but expatriates and migrants, businessmen, and digital nomads.
Who are these Locals?
Every Local who lives in selected cities and countries which are most popular for Travelers. Our Locals passed the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure and were proven by our Moderators from every country we have at the date.
Shegby and Governments of countries. We, as a registered organization, use Service Level Agreement (SLA) and are responsible for every one of our Travelers. Have close and direct connection with the Government and Municipalities, insurance companies and local hospitals (the same as with the Police stations).
What is the Shegby's vision?
There is a new era of decentralization with totally remote work. People became free of their habits to live in the same place for many years. We expect that the number of Travelers will grow progressively, so they will face many problems mentioned above. At the same time there are many Locals who know their places, laws and rules, and are ready to help others getting possibilities to earn some extra money on services. Our mission as a P2P-marketplace of services is to move as many locals as possible to the middle-class by giving them possibilities to earn money using their skills, knowledge and belongings they own.
We connect Travelers with Locals and become information suppliers and arbiters for both of them in controversial situations having our commission from their transactions. The same as we are ready to offer Travelers our full-service as a subscription on yearly basis.
What about Web3 and DAO here?
Web3 is the Internet owned by builders and users, orchestrated by tokens and gives us a 'cold start' possibilities with our DAO members acquisition. It gives us an openness which is necessary to grow our base of Locals as fast as possible using DAO and own (or partner) tokens. We clearly understand our competitors' advantages and their possibilities and don't underestimate them. We are open to collaborations with traditional Web2 services the same as Blockchains and many projects built as DAPPs on it.
Read more about us and start with 'Getting Started'.
You can discover our startup using all the links collected in one https://linktr.ee/shegby
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